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1. despite the fact that i played the trumpet for 10 years, i never progressed beyond being terrible at that instrument. i am also terrible at playing the piano, but at least i only took lessons for 4 years to reach that point.

2. the strangest job i ever worked involved straightening coat hangers. my dad worked at an industrial dry cleaning shop and they had these racks about 2 feet high full of metal coat hangers in various states of disrepair. these racks were brought home and my job involved pull them off in stacks of 20, straightening them, and placing them in an orderly fashion inside the box. for every box of 500, i received $5. i could do about 3 and hour, so the pay was really good for a 15 year old. sunday afternoons i'd watch the patriots play football and put hangers in boxes. the only downside was when an earwig crawled out of the stack of hangers. ick.

3. my first concert was at the tweeter center (then great woods). i saw the violent femmes, the pogues and mojo nixon. it was the summer between 8th/9th grade for me and 10th/11th grade for my brother. our parents drove us to the show and also bought tickets to see it. they were sitting on the opposite side of the place, thank god. my mom liked it, my dad sat in the chair holding her pocketbook in his lap. i didn't know anything could be that loud! it was a good time.

4. when i was a kid, if i was eating peanuts, i'd always keep the last one in my mouth for a -very- long time before eating it. like hours afterwards. one morning i was up extremely early to go work in the bagel shop and i saw a color piece on a news program about this girl who lived in new jersey who did the exact same thing, except she would keep the food in there for days (she'd take it out when she went to bed). i was so excited to see this! i'd found a soul mate! i really wanted to contact her, but i had no idea how. if only the internet was as pervasive in 1990 as it is today.

5. in general i would say i am in good health, though my achilles heel is definitely my neck. i hate wearing a helmet for a long period of time because i'll have serious neck pain for hours afterwards. and once back in 1999 i had the worst neck strain -ever-. i couldn't go to work for two days because i couldn't turn my head nor could i be upright for more than 30 seconds without being in serious pain. fortunately that hasn't happened since, but i definitely feel like the potential is still there.

6. these are the computers i've owned... TI 99/4a (thank you grandma for sending me on my boring career path!), apple IIc (what a splurge for my parents, i still feel thankful for them buying that for me), atari 1040st (the first one i bought myself), and then a bunch of PC clones. the first one was a total POS refurbished wang that was, of course, mercilessly ridiculed for its sill name. i think i either sold it or gave to mike, who had it crash on him when he was writing a term paper. if i'm not mistaken it went through a window soon afterwards.

Date: 2006-10-15 02:23 pm (UTC)
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I remember renting you movies and making fun of you when all crippled. Of course, I'm now experiencing some karmic payback as my neck has been in various states of soreness for almost two weeks (never as bad as yours--though you can be dramatic so it was probably 5 times worse)

I did not pay for that wang, and my paper was properly backed up and mostly handwritten before it crashed. So, it was mostly an annoyance. Bri and I liked playing Nibbles though.


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