Sep. 9th, 2006

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wow the wedding is happening so soon now. i think everything is in place. i could check and recheck everything all night and still not be convinced, so i am going to call it a night soon and try and get some sleep in a few minutes...

it's pretty unbelievable that all of this is happening -tomorrow-. for months the wedding felt like it was impossibly in "the future" but now (and for the past few weeks) it's certainly been smack in the soon-to-be-present. i'm excited and anxious (that the day will work out, i know that i'm the lucky one in finding someone like bridget to share my life with) and sleepy. sooo sleeeepy. the past 4 nights have been 5hrs or less, tonight will be less than 4. :\ but i have no doubt we'll be all bouncy and giddy tomorrow. it's going to be a day unlike any i've had in my life, and most likely completely unlike any other day i'll ever have again. i'm looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, having everyone i care about together in one place to witness this affirmation of the best part of my life. oh and speaking of family, tonight they met for the first time and it went very well, though i'm not too surprised. our dads share a love of workworking and gardening, and i could see our moms getting along well too. we could hardly stop our dads from talking to each other all night, it was pretty cute.

oh and i can't wait to see bridget in her dress. i have no doubt she'll be gorgeous. i could gush all night about how happy i am for this, but then i think i might collapse, so i'll stop for now.

eek! i'm getting married! see you tomorrow!


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