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a little more than a year ago bridget and i got into a car accident in cambridge. the gist of it is that i had started to pull out of a packing spot, stopped to let another car get by, and as he passed he hit the side of my car. this accident happened despite the fact that i hadn't moved for at least 10 seconds, left plenty of room for him to get by as i was pulled out about 3 feet from the curb on a major road (broadway in cambridge behind harvard, across from the starbucks) and i had my hand on the horn for a good 3-4 seconds before impact & he made no effort to change direction or slow down.

yesterday i received a letter saying i was found at fault in the accident. i'm not happy about this. i'm fine with accepting fault when it's due, but i don't believe it's the case here.

i am going to appeal this ruling with the state (there's an official process for doing so). what i was wondering was if anyone out there had been through this process and could give me ideas on what to prepare, expect the day of, etc etc. my insurance agent was very supportive of me going through the process as he said my agency originally found the other party at fault but i lost on appeal when my insurance company tried to bill the other party for damages to my car. he also told me that a large percentage of appeals are overturned, so that's nice to hear as well. but i want to do as good of a job as possible in presenting my case, so here i am.


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Date: 2010-01-19 04:57 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

I had succes with an at-fault ruling by writing to the insurance commissioner. I stated the facts and added my own conjecture that the 50% at fault ruling favors only the insurance carriers being able to collect surcharges from both parties. I'm sure that wasn't a selling point but my appeal worked. I cc'd the insurance carrier and they 'corrected" their "oversight" within days.

Won't hurt!

Good luck


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