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For those of you that don't Facebook (do you exist?), Bridget's surgery went OK.  They took care of her sinuses.  They're really narrow which made the surgery tricky and he couldn't open them as much as he would have liked, but she should be feeling better and now we just need to do what we can to keep them open long term.  Anesthesia went alright as well.  Phew.

OK hopefully I can go see her now.
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Spoke to the Urologist a few minutes ago.  The procedure went well; no complications so far.  She's in the recovery area where I can't see her for a little while still.  Once I know more I'm sure her or myself will update the LJ.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.
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ok bridget asked me to play along with the music meme so here are mine and hers from my frighteningly small (74!) collection of songs controlled by itunes.  too much hopelandic in there but there a few good answers...

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it makes you look.
4. Title this post what the answer to your last question is.
5. Good luck and have fun!

here's mine )
and here's bridget's )
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everyone send lots of love to the birthday girl today! :)
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so my anniversary present arrived at 6am this morning; bridget made a book of our existence together but instead of simply writing about it or drawing it, she pulled together all sorts of pictures and stickers and artifacts and xkcd comics as illustration to go along with her text. sorta like a collage but different. hard to explain, but beautiful. what an awesome gift.
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here is how it works. copy this list. leave in the bands you've seen perform live. delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. an asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list.

1. The Cure***
2. Tom Petty*
3. U2
4. Third Eye Foundation
5. Mouse on Mars
6. Panasonic
7. M.I.A*
8. Godspeed!youblackemperor*
9. V/VM
10. Pixies
11. Death In June*
12. Mighty Mighty Bosstones
13. Mum
14. Bjork*
15. Angels of Light*
16. Einsturzende Neubauten*
17. Aphex Twin*
18. Kraftwerk
19. Sonic Youth*
20. Amon Tobin
21. Hood*
22. Sigur Ros*
23. Chicks On Speed
24. Autechre*
25. Skinny Puppy***
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so a year ago today was the big day for bridget and i. based on (i believe) [ profile] synaesthesia's advice, i wrote down what i could remember from the day pretty soon afterwards. i'm already bad with details, and when you add in the amount of emotion and attention focused on that day, it's too easy to lose too much. going back and reading it this morning i could see that a lot of little things went awry (needing to buy new instant cameras at the absolute last minute, bee attacks during the wedding, a near loss of an irreplacable heirloom - thanks again [ profile] iscari0t, that won't ever be forgotten). however, seeing bridget wake up this morning with her fabulous mrs bordeaux tank top, i know that everything one year ago went perfectly.
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just talked to her doctor, everything went fine. i'll be able to see her in about 45 minutes.

yay! i'm not surprised in the least but of course i'm still happy to hear it directly from him. and thank god for wireless access from the waiting room!
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a little more than a year ago bridget and i got into a car accident in cambridge. the gist of it is that i had started to pull out of a packing spot, stopped to let another car get by, and as he passed he hit the side of my car. this accident happened despite the fact that i hadn't moved for at least 10 seconds, left plenty of room for him to get by as i was pulled out about 3 feet from the curb on a major road (broadway in cambridge behind harvard, across from the starbucks) and i had my hand on the horn for a good 3-4 seconds before impact & he made no effort to change direction or slow down.

yesterday i received a letter saying i was found at fault in the accident. i'm not happy about this. i'm fine with accepting fault when it's due, but i don't believe it's the case here.

i am going to appeal this ruling with the state (there's an official process for doing so). what i was wondering was if anyone out there had been through this process and could give me ideas on what to prepare, expect the day of, etc etc. my insurance agent was very supportive of me going through the process as he said my agency originally found the other party at fault but i lost on appeal when my insurance company tried to bill the other party for damages to my car. he also told me that a large percentage of appeals are overturned, so that's nice to hear as well. but i want to do as good of a job as possible in presenting my case, so here i am.



Oct. 14th, 2006 05:20 pm
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1. despite the fact that i played the trumpet for 10 years, i never progressed beyond being terrible at that instrument. i am also terrible at playing the piano, but at least i only took lessons for 4 years to reach that point.

2. the strangest job i ever worked involved straightening coat hangers. my dad worked at an industrial dry cleaning shop and they had these racks about 2 feet high full of metal coat hangers in various states of disrepair. these racks were brought home and my job involved pull them off in stacks of 20, straightening them, and placing them in an orderly fashion inside the box. for every box of 500, i received $5. i could do about 3 and hour, so the pay was really good for a 15 year old. sunday afternoons i'd watch the patriots play football and put hangers in boxes. the only downside was when an earwig crawled out of the stack of hangers. ick.

3. my first concert was at the tweeter center (then great woods). i saw the violent femmes, the pogues and mojo nixon. it was the summer between 8th/9th grade for me and 10th/11th grade for my brother. our parents drove us to the show and also bought tickets to see it. they were sitting on the opposite side of the place, thank god. my mom liked it, my dad sat in the chair holding her pocketbook in his lap. i didn't know anything could be that loud! it was a good time.

4. when i was a kid, if i was eating peanuts, i'd always keep the last one in my mouth for a -very- long time before eating it. like hours afterwards. one morning i was up extremely early to go work in the bagel shop and i saw a color piece on a news program about this girl who lived in new jersey who did the exact same thing, except she would keep the food in there for days (she'd take it out when she went to bed). i was so excited to see this! i'd found a soul mate! i really wanted to contact her, but i had no idea how. if only the internet was as pervasive in 1990 as it is today.

5. in general i would say i am in good health, though my achilles heel is definitely my neck. i hate wearing a helmet for a long period of time because i'll have serious neck pain for hours afterwards. and once back in 1999 i had the worst neck strain -ever-. i couldn't go to work for two days because i couldn't turn my head nor could i be upright for more than 30 seconds without being in serious pain. fortunately that hasn't happened since, but i definitely feel like the potential is still there.

6. these are the computers i've owned... TI 99/4a (thank you grandma for sending me on my boring career path!), apple IIc (what a splurge for my parents, i still feel thankful for them buying that for me), atari 1040st (the first one i bought myself), and then a bunch of PC clones. the first one was a total POS refurbished wang that was, of course, mercilessly ridiculed for its sill name. i think i either sold it or gave to mike, who had it crash on him when he was writing a term paper. if i'm not mistaken it went through a window soon afterwards.
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ok so my friend michael was the "official" photographer for the reception and also took a bunch of other random pics of the day. he posted some highlights here, or you can go to the full set here.

thank you michael - now it's time to pack!
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most of you will have already bumped into this, but here are the wedding photos from the supremely talented canongrrl. thank you so much!

now mr clevernonsense, it's time to show me what you've got! ;)

:) ouch

Sep. 10th, 2006 11:24 pm
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one quick thought, i remember at one point that my mouth started hurting from smiling so much. now i am far from the most dour person out there, but i don't think i've ever experienced this before. i think this might qualify as the best pain imaginable.

oh and tricia said the same thing. i guess that speaks well for the day, eh?
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i'm married! yike!

wow the day was such a blur. despite being warned by multiple people that that's what happens with your wedding, i really didn't believe it. but they were all correct, but at least the blur was beautiful; full of love and beauty and family and friends and bees and dancing and laughing and funny hats and canes and pictures and green green grass and trees and music and food and drink and confections and, well, i think that's enough. full of everything one could want in a day, everything i wanted the day to be. a day to celebrate what bridget and i share, between us and also with those people important to us through our life. i've gone through the polaroids (the only real point of mild panic during the day, as we were planning on using i-zone cameras and sticker film but they didn't play well together so an 11th hour polaroid run was needed) + disposable cameras and the pictures are pretty awesome. and i have to ask yosh this question, why do you keep trying to eat bridget's head?!?! ;)

i'm going to sit down and try and write down everything i can remember about the day. i would be beyond delighted if you could write down moments that you remember and enjoy; they don't have to involve bridget or myself. just tell me things big or small that stand out in your mind. i just want to know everything that happened yesterday!

late last night as i lay in bed, dead tired, i felt a little sad. not for anything that happened in the day, but because i knew that i would soon be asleep and that this day would then be in the past. at least the best part of all will last forever; bridget and i are now married. thank you thank you everyone for being there and celebrating with us.
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wow the wedding is happening so soon now. i think everything is in place. i could check and recheck everything all night and still not be convinced, so i am going to call it a night soon and try and get some sleep in a few minutes...

it's pretty unbelievable that all of this is happening -tomorrow-. for months the wedding felt like it was impossibly in "the future" but now (and for the past few weeks) it's certainly been smack in the soon-to-be-present. i'm excited and anxious (that the day will work out, i know that i'm the lucky one in finding someone like bridget to share my life with) and sleepy. sooo sleeeepy. the past 4 nights have been 5hrs or less, tonight will be less than 4. :\ but i have no doubt we'll be all bouncy and giddy tomorrow. it's going to be a day unlike any i've had in my life, and most likely completely unlike any other day i'll ever have again. i'm looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, having everyone i care about together in one place to witness this affirmation of the best part of my life. oh and speaking of family, tonight they met for the first time and it went very well, though i'm not too surprised. our dads share a love of workworking and gardening, and i could see our moms getting along well too. we could hardly stop our dads from talking to each other all night, it was pretty cute.

oh and i can't wait to see bridget in her dress. i have no doubt she'll be gorgeous. i could gush all night about how happy i am for this, but then i think i might collapse, so i'll stop for now.

eek! i'm getting married! see you tomorrow!
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hello everyone!

we're in the final wedding planning stretch here and most things are under control but we could use some advice on one thing - table centerpieces. basically we'd like to do flowers of some kind (involving things like orchids, lilies, roses, branchy bits, etc etc). our tables are 7' across and circular. arranged centerpieces are of course very nice but they're also expensive and neither of us are really comfortable with purchasing flowers and arranging them ourselves. as another option we could do a live plant setup of some kind, but i'm not finding any good examples. does anyone have any bright ideas along these lines? any recommendations for local florists/greenhouses that could do this kind of thing would be awesome.

4 weeks! wow!

i'm it

Jun. 26th, 2006 04:25 pm
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

broker/dealer: boots and pants
dntel: this is the dream of evan and chan (superpitcher kompakt remix)
oxtongue: delight

all three of these are taken from the nifty kompakt mix cd triple r - friends. as with a lot of kompakt releases, about 1/2 the album is beautiful and sublime while the other half is frustrating and annoying. the broker/dealer track is rather upbeat in a non-cheesy way. it uses a lead that is very brassy and, while i don't care much for ska or jazz, it makes perfect sense in here. the dntel remix is the only emo/minimal techno song i know of (though i suppose some of the dntel album fits the bill, but this is way more poppy). the last track is honestly a pretty dumb and repetitive song, but there's something in it that feels, ummm, important? i dunno. it just resonates and i don't have any choice other than to like it. while bridget and i have roughly similar taste in music, there are definitely songs that i love that she doesn't, and i think a lot of them are songs that somehow feel important to me and touch me in ways that only music can rather than being more empirically "good". i wonder what it is that my brain is hearing that it grabs onto. maybe it's purely the timbre, maybe it's the progression. whatever it is, its existance is fascinating to me and i'm always happy when i find another song (or even better, make a song) that hits me that way.

bjork: undo
mogwai: 2 rights make 1 wrong

both of these songs end similarly; with a choir singing some broken chords which are faded into the mix. love them both. the bjork song also ends with some rather tasty lo-fi digital effects, similar to what i've played with on chiclet and PSPSeq. the mogwai song combines synths, what sounds like a banjo, and the afformentioned choir. bizarre combination but it really works well for me. i love music that gracefully transitions between instruments, where you go from one place to another but unless you pay attention to the details you have no idea how you ended up there. the mogwai song is a good example of that.

hood: closure

the best song off of my favorite album from last year. a brilliant distillation of everything i like about hood. basically he did everything right; the duet, the classical elements (trumpet, violins?), the lyrics, the building and release. thank you!

sigur ros: untitled 6

at first i didn't even like the parenthetical sigur ros album but it quickly grew on me. i oscillate between thinking tracks 4, 6, and 8 are the best ones on the album. they're all wonderful for their own reasons, and for today i'll say that #6 is the best. the point in this song when the singing stops and the guitars (and bells?) pick up kills me every time.

now as for people to tag...

[ profile] arcanus
[ profile] clevernonsense
[ profile] frederic
[ profile] jasonlizard
[ profile] militart
[ profile] mvoid
[ profile] yosh
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if you want to see the flowers, look behind here... )
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